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Super Heroes Don’t Need Capes is the true story of a life experience by filmmaker Greg Robbins; the character named Paul.

Neighborhood bullies were beating a mentally handicapped boy one day when Paul, jumped in and defended him only to get beaten-up too. This unusual, yet divine meeting became the genesis for one of the most encouraging stories ever told.

A few days later, Paul was playing football with friends as Harlan watched. Paul invited him to play, despite the jokes from the kids. Harlan went for a pass, sprinting past the others, as if they where standing still.

Paul realized Harlan had a gift and talked him into running track, teaching him to compete in the 100-yard dash. Paul faced ridicule from classmates for his association with “that freak”. Throughout the training process, Paul and others learned love through Harlan.

Starring Nancy Stafford (“Christmas with a Capital C” and “Matlock”), Peter Kent (“Terminator” “True Lies” and “Total Recall”) directed by Greg Robbins (“C Me Dance”, “Stuck in the Past” and “Pastor Greg”).

We are conducting anti-bullying seminars in schools, youth groups and Correctional facilities with scenes from the movie and actors.

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